Blue Orbit Consulting LLC was founded in 2014 by Melissa Copeland.  An experienced leader and consultant, Melissa offers clients a pragmatic approach on how to enhance their overall business strategy to meet their objectives.


Melissa's recent focus areas have included work in three rapidly changing industries - cloud-based networking platforms, insurance and industrial supply chain. Her skills include development of transformation and change programs, driving success of complex initiatives, and development of strategic roadmaps that are translated into tactics that achieve results.

Melissa’s corporate experience includes leadership roles at AT&T (SBC/Ameritech), Belgacom and Qwest.  A key theme across those roles has been the critical importance of the customer experience and ensuring that the strategies and concepts capture the view of the customer and are implemented and measured effectively to drive results.

Melissa brings to Blue Orbit her experience with building long-term client relationships and generating results in both short and long term scenarios, developing project methodologies and effective resource strategies for projects that are instrumental in ensuring client results.  Prior to her current work at Blue Orbit, she was instrumental in building practice areas at The Northridge Group, including work in metrics and dashboards, pricing/costing and business modeling, cost optimization, and contact center operations for B2B environments. 

Blue Orbit clients work directly with Melissa and project teams that are selected in order to meet each client’s unique situation and required outcomes.